Ep 19 - APPETIZER - Sentimental


How do you feel about bath bombs? Do they make you tear up, just a little bit? Well, whatever, because Mike and Max certainly do not on this fast-paced prelude to the full episode of Sentimental.


Ep 18 - Deja Vu


This isn't Mike and Max's first rodeo... or is it? It's almost like they've recorded a podcast before sometime. Tune in for a vintage Mike rant, the shortest movie review you've ever heard, and more! And more!


Ep 18 - APPETIZER - Deja Vu


In this strangely familiar preview of Deja Vu, Mike and Max free associate their way from dirty jokes into some kind of etymological epiphanies. If you like this Appetizer, stay tuned for the full episode!


Ep 17 - Apple


Mike and Max penetrate to the core of the etymological debate about the fruit of paradise in their crisp analysis of Adam and Eve's favorite healthy snack. Just ask yourself, what would Jerome do?


Ep 17 - APPETIZER - Apple


The only protection against Mike and Max's dad jokes on this juicy appetizer for Episode 17 is to buy precious metals... aggressively. It's a GOLD-en delicious episode, all.


Ep 16 - Troll


In this in-depth installment of your favorite bridge-dwelling podcast, hosts Mike and Max pay homage to the original troll, Jonathan Swift, as they peel back the layers on this oft-abused word. Will they turn to stone before the episode ends? Tune in to find out.


Ep 16 - APPETIZER - Troll


Let this short peek at our upcoming episode, Troll, whet your appetite for some truly monstrous jokes, as Mike and Max do their darnedest to explore the darkest caverns of Troll's etymology.


Ep 15 APPETIZER - Specially vs. Especially


Don't bite off more than you can chew! Whet your appetite for Episode 15, Specially vs. Especially, with this very 'special' WFD Appetizer.


Ep 15 - Specially vs. Especially


The grammar police book Mike and Max in this episode of Words For Dinner: After Dark. Our hosts compare 'specially' and 'especially,' the baking powder and baking soda of the English language, while working on their Bernie Sanders impressions and playing The Eternal Game of All Time Forever. 


Ep 14 - Irregardless


Alternative facts are okay, but alternative words... now they are controversial! Mike and Max face the 'irregardless' controversy headlong while giving shout outs to their friends in the U.K. in this special episode of Words for Dinner: After Dark.


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