Ep 15 APPETIZER - Specially vs. Especially


Don't bite off more than you can chew! Whet your appetite for Episode 15, Specially vs. Especially, with this very 'special' WFD Appetizer.


Ep 15 - Specially vs. Especially


The grammar police book Mike and Max in this episode of Words For Dinner: After Dark. Our hosts compare 'specially' and 'especially,' the baking powder and baking soda of the English language, while working on their Bernie Sanders impressions and playing The Eternal Game of All Time Forever. 


Ep 14 - Irregardless


Alternative facts are okay, but alternative words... now they are controversial! Mike and Max face the 'irregardless' controversy headlong while giving shout outs to their friends in the U.K. in this special episode of Words for Dinner: After Dark.


Ep 13 - Surreal


What, like, is real, man, really? In this, the "Waiting for Godot" of podcasts, Mike and Max explore the 2016 word of the year, "surreal," in their valiant attempt to answer this abiding question.


Ep 12 - Literally


Has Taye Diggs followed you on social media too? A sudden burst of celebrity attention has Mike and Max freaking out, though not quite literally. Listen in to their wide-ranging conversation, literally the best thing you will hear this year.


Ep 11 - Decadent


Are your lovable podcast hosts, Mike and Max, treating Twitter bots unfairly? Whatever happened to the golden days of bots, anyway? Tune in for answers, and a lot more questions.


Ep 10 - Apathy


This month, Mike and Max keep it chill. If you'd like to hang with the cool kids, listen to this, their laid-back conversation about the word 'apathy.' Or not.


Ep 9 - Cocktail


Let's get this party started. This week, Mike and Max engage unflinchingly with the "evolution of trauma," and have a great time doing it. The word, friends, is 'cocktail.'


Ep 8 - Buffalo


In this, the zestiest podcast you have ever encountered, connoisseurs Mike and Max serve up a spicy helping of etymology pertaining to all things 'buffalo.'


Ep 7 - Pornography


On this episode of Words for Dinner, we get explicit, obscene, and, possibly, erotic. Mike and Max, our two lovable amateur etymologists, take a close look at the word 'pornography' and discover some interesting things about its origin and the changing meaning of the word. Though this episode may not be for children's ears, the most obscene part is when we try to tell jokes.


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