Ep 21 - Popcorn


In this lightly-salted installment of Words for Dinner, your hosts Mike and Max (the Ebert & Roeper of etymology) pretend to end the episode at 18 minutes so they can go get more of their favorite American snack, popcorn.


Ep 21 - APPETIZER - Popcorn


The bad boys of overenthusiastic etymology podcasts are back for this light and fluffy precursor to the full version of Episode 21, Popcorn. Hot out of the old microwave, just like mom used to make it.


Ep 20 - 2017 In Review


Your bombastic broflakes and co-hosts, Mike and Max, are yoked together in the gravitational system known as Words for Dinner in this wide-ranging and, frankly, sexy episode of your favorite tongue-in-cheek etymological podcast shindig. Gyro-eating while listening is encouraged! 


Ep 20 APPETIZER - 2017 Year In Review


Your wistful hosts, Mike and Max, bury a Snorlax in their time capsule in the hopes that some future listener will discover this Appetizer for the full version of Episode 20, which digs up our favorite topical words of the last year. Catch this one before Elon Musk launches it into space.


Ep 19 - Sentimental


Mike and Max get all wishy washy in this emotional episode of Words for Dinner, which, honest to God, actually contains the secret to time travel within it. Grab a box of Kleenex and tune in.


Ep 19 - APPETIZER - Sentimental


How do you feel about bath bombs? Do they make you tear up, just a little bit? Well, whatever, because Mike and Max certainly do not on this fast-paced prelude to the full episode of Sentimental.


Ep 18 - Deja Vu


This isn't Mike and Max's first rodeo... or is it? It's almost like they've recorded a podcast before sometime. Tune in for a vintage Mike rant, the shortest movie review you've ever heard, and more! And more!


Ep 18 - APPETIZER - Deja Vu


In this strangely familiar preview of Deja Vu, Mike and Max free associate their way from dirty jokes into some kind of etymological epiphanies. If you like this Appetizer, stay tuned for the full episode!


Ep 17 - Apple


Mike and Max penetrate to the core of the etymological debate about the fruit of paradise in their crisp analysis of Adam and Eve's favorite healthy snack. Just ask yourself, what would Jerome do?


Ep 17 - APPETIZER - Apple


The only protection against Mike and Max's dad jokes on this juicy appetizer for Episode 17 is to buy precious metals... aggressively. It's a GOLD-en delicious episode, all.


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