Snack! Trick or Treat


Trick or treat, eh? Why isn't it just "gimme a damn treat, grandpa, and no funny business"? Max laments the lack of magical abilities amongst the nation's youth these days in this quick morsel to tide you over before the next full episode of Words for Dinner.


Ep 24 - Viral


In this full investigation of the word Viral, Mike and Max continue their well-worn tradition of referring to seasons that have already passed and somehow, against all odds, relating the word at hand to something dirty. Stock up on alcohol wipes and enjoy.


Ep 24 - APPETIZER - Viral


Wash your hands before and after listening to this prelude to the infectious full episode of Words for Dinner on Viral, in which Mike and Max nibble on some mistletoe in order to stave off bird cooties.


Ep 23 - Assault


In terms of puns, Mike and Max make the best of a bland situation in their foray into Assault, a word which affords little opportunity for double entendres. But plenty of ascriptive nouns! And military analogies! All this and more herein.


Ep 23 - APPETIZER - Assault


Have you ever faced a hostile spice shaker in an alley? Good, but if you want to keep it that way, listen to this tasty morsel in advance of the full WFD episode on Assault.


Snack! for Poindexter


Mike and Max provide live color commentary on an old silent cartoon of Felix the Cat in this Snack, to be paired with WFD Episode 22, Poindexter. Fire up the cartoon and follow along!


Ep 22 - Poindexter


Dust off your pocket protectors, hosebags! It's time to follow evil professors Mike and Max as they do a deep dive into nerd history, going all the way back to the origins of your grandpappy's favorite cafeteria put-down, Poindexter.


Ep 22 - APPETIZER - Poindexter


In this studied precursor to Episode 22, Poindexter, Max constructs a microphone stand out of a cardboard box and Mike refrains from giving him a wedgie. Suck it, nerds!


Ep 21 - Popcorn


In this lightly-salted installment of Words for Dinner, your hosts Mike and Max (the Ebert & Roeper of etymology) pretend to end the episode at 18 minutes so they can go get more of their favorite American snack, popcorn.


Ep 21 - APPETIZER - Popcorn


The bad boys of overenthusiastic etymology podcasts are back for this light and fluffy precursor to the full version of Episode 21, Popcorn. Hot out of the old microwave, just like mom used to make it.


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