Ep 27 - APPETIZER - Cool, Part 1


Don your berets and outdated sunglasses, cats, because you are going to dig this undifferentiated peek at Mike and Max's upcoming full-length look at the word, Cool, Part 1.

Ep 26 - 2018 Words of the Year


Good news! Your friendly co-hosts, Mike and Max, have not been banished beyond the city walls for podding without a license! Have a listen to the evidence right here, in this full-length look at the 2018 Words of the Year.

Ep 26 - APPETIZER - 2018 Words of the Year


The masses deserve justice! And so it was. Indulge in a generous helping of this Appetizer in advance of Mike and Max's full exploration of the 2018 Words of the Year.

Snack! WFD Radio Ads


Have you ever grumbled about the sorry state of the advertising industry today? Well, haven't we got something for you! If these don't sell you on WFD, nothing will!

Ep 25 - Morbid


What a lark! Your favorite buddies, Mike and Max, return with this weirdly uplifting take on that catch-all term for all things creepy and goth, Morbid. Break out the Crystal Light, because this episode is sweeter than expected.

Ep 25 - APPETIZER - Morbid


Huzzah! Words for Dinner returns from a sneaky hiatus with this Appetizer for Mike and Max's upcoming long-form chat on all things Morbid.

Snack! Trick or Treat


Trick or treat, eh? Why isn't it just "gimme a damn treat, grandpa, and no funny business"? Max laments the lack of magical abilities amongst the nation's youth these days in this quick morsel to tide you over before the next full episode of Words for Dinner.

Ep 24 - Viral


In this full investigation of the word Viral, Mike and Max continue their well-worn tradition of referring to seasons that have already passed and somehow, against all odds, relating the word at hand to something dirty. Stock up on alcohol wipes and enjoy.

Ep 24 - APPETIZER - Viral


Wash your hands before and after listening to this prelude to the infectious full episode of Words for Dinner on Viral, in which Mike and Max nibble on some mistletoe in order to stave off bird cooties.

Ep 23 - Assault


In terms of puns, Mike and Max make the best of a bland situation in their foray into Assault, a word which affords little opportunity for double entendres. But plenty of ascriptive nouns! And military analogies! All this and more herein.

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