Awesome Erasure Poems

Hello Lovers of Words!

Below is an Erasure poem we did about the word "awesome". The original text we used was Tim Askew's "Why You Need to Stop Saying 'Awesome'".

Please join us in celebrating (or not) "awesome"! We would love to see your own erasures and will be reading some on the next episode of the podcast!!! So get out that Sharpie and start making some poetry! Tweet us, email us, send us a carrier hawk (we are unable to accept carrier pigeons at this time due to the hawks), and let us see your brilliance!

Note: We just included the words/letters we took from the text without the blacked out part for easy reading. Enjoy.



I would advise any who aspires to be more seriously ubiquitous: describe awesome as American; to describe everything. Everything useful, enjoyable, wonderful overheard was peppered with the word awesome. It was kudzu, the variegated richness of the English language--so acceptable. "Awesome." "Awesome." "Awesome." It was like a lingua franca of evanescent cool.

Fact: People in Shakespeare's time working actually talked like the average American, I suspect.

So, is "awesomeness" the beginning? Does it rend? Do the practicing and practical need words to be awesome?

Well, yes. For innovation and thinking. As Heidegger put it, "Language is the house. There is no outside of Gomorrah. arts, married with humaniti yields the results that make our hearts sing."

Perhaps the reasons of awesome as essential lacks color and nuance, and it’s not terribly interesting to read.

I believe science to be art. English philosophy I understand. To have a good short-term needs words for genuine thinking. With the word and the word, there can be accurate exactitude. Words give reality, logic. Eureka! Language creates a brave new light. It gives us the forest as well as the trees.

So, awesome as a word is killer. It speaks precision, accuracy, comfort, and imagination. "Awesome" is. It is mindless, disrespectful of anyone to suggest it is a good shake.

Words are in a post-Jetsons world. They are. They are. They are. They are meaning. Awesome do so.

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